Yavapai CASA for Kids offer several programs to help children participating in the foster care system. CASAs and case aides are encouraged to learn about our offerings and take advantage of these various programs.

Adoption Exchange Mailbox

We believe communication is key to the process of reunification. The Adoption Exchange Mailbox provides a safe and managed way for families to stay in touch in a meaningful and sincere manner.
If you are an adoptive family open to corresponding with your child’s biological family in a safe way, this program is for you!
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Grants for Kids

We provide items that foster kids need but that are not provided by other sources. It is our hope that the various trials children encounter while in foster care are made just a little easier by providing extended support and meeting these needs.
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Keys to Success

Young adults aging out of the foster care system face a host of barriers to sustainable adulthood success. Keys to Success is designed to assist youth with overcoming these barriers, plan for their future, and achieve their goals.
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Celebration Cards

Show a child you care and celebrate their wins no matter how small. Celebration Cards are provided by Yavapai CASA for Kids to the CASA and Department of Child Safety staff to aid and lift the spirits of children in foster care.
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Holiday Gifts

Each year, Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation provides extra support to foster youth and their families during the holiday season. Yavapai CASA for Kids help to bring toys and gifts to brighten their holiday season through the generosity of our wonderful community.
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Supplemental Clothing

Arizona provides foster children with $150 for clothing each year. This amount is inadequate, especially for growing children.  To make sure every youth in care has adequate clothing Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation provides a bi-annual clothing supplement for all youth in foster care under the jurisdiction of the Prescott Courts.
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Emergency Clothing

Many children who are placed into DCS custody arrive wearing only the clothes on their backs. Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation provides the Department of Child Safety (DCS) and the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) office with funds for these children so they can be properly clothed immediately upon transitioning into placement.
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Toy Chest

The Toy Chest is a space located inside of the Family Visitation Center where kinship family, foster parents, CASAs, and DCS case managers can select birthday presents and celebration gifts for the foster child in their life.
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