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Family Visitation Center

We welcome you to our Family Visitation Center (FVC) home page. We present to you and simple overview of this safe and inviting facility. The FVC is contained within the Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation (YCFKF) corporate offices in Prescott Valley, Arizona. The FVC opened for business and family visits in March of 2021. Since the opening the use of the center has grown and serves many who under the supervision of the Prescott Juvenile Court. A mutual goal of the court and YCFKF is to see families reconnect and ultimately become fully reunited.

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Yavapai CASA for Kids (YC4K) provides and clean, safe, child-friendly environment for biological parents and their children in foster care to enjoy special family times during safe and supervised visits.

YC4KF provides many programs to families in the community via our partnering agencies and their appointed family and case agents.

When families are separated during difficult times and children are placed under the care of the Department of Child Safety, the shared goal of DCS and Yavapai CASA for Kids is family reunification. It is important that biological parents visit their children regularly to maintain the parent-child emotional bond. Because visits often must be supervised to ensure the child’s safety, they must take place in an appropriate, safe, and private setting.

The Family Visitation Center includes such a facility where parents may enjoy their time together, prepare snacks for their children, play in the center’s outdoor play area, and simply relax in the carefully designed visitation spaces.

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